You have a story: Let me Tell it!

My name is Jake Lyda and I’m a freelance writer based out of Portland, Oregon. However, with my expertise in freelance copywriting, email creation, and content generation, my wife and I are successful digital nomads. The reason why we are fully remote is simple: we do better work away from a stuffy office. Our environment shapes our creativity as well as our productivity. If we are in control of our surroundings, we can control the quality of our output for clients.

As for what I can do for you…

Whether it be a business, brand, or social media account, you want to show and tell the world who you are and what you're about. How do you accomplish this? Content, content, content!

Not just any content: quality, consistent content that provides audiences, clients, and raving fans with enough data to say, "You know what? I like this. I love this. I will continue to consume this content. (And buy products and services!)"

My job is to show and tell your story. I do this by creating content, using brand voice, posting to platforms where your true fans lurk, and essentially becoming a de facto shareholder in your business. Or, I take the content already created and use a fine-tooth comb to weed out the mistakes, miscommunications, and unclear statements.

Your success is my success, so gaining traffic, converting leads, enhancing social media presence, and fostering growth are my main objectives.

You have a story. I'd like to help you tell it. Contact me today!


  • 200+ articles for various clients

  • 4,600+ Medium followers

  • 130+ articles on Medium

  • Featured Writer on Hobo With A Laptop, The Aspiring Gentleman, 8 Medium publications



  • Worpress

  • MailChimp

  • Google Docs and Analytics

  • Asana, Trello,, and other Project Management Tools

  • SEO Optimization and Google Keywords

  • Grammar Nazi: No grammatical, spelling, or style mistakes get past me


  • Sports 

  • Health and Fitness 

  • Travel (digital nomad lifestyle)

  • Fiction writing and reading

  • lifestyle, productivity, and habits

  • Finance


Current location: Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia (I’m on the beach, y’all!)