This is a portfolio of my writing. It includes a gallery of my best long-form content from Medium and other publications; listicles, how-to posts, rants, and entertaining articles are showcased here. Then there's my Instagram, which provides a glimpse into my life, including digital nomadism, healthy habits, and a bunch of wifey pics!

For a full look at my work, check out my Medium blog. For more of my fitness work, check out my posts on AthleticMuscle.com. For examples of my other work...well, you'll just have to contact me to find out!

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Your environment shapes your success

A review of Benjamin P. Hardy's Willpower Doesn't Work

The ketogenic diet: ultimate guide for beginners

The last post you'll ever need to read about the ketogenic diet (AthleticMuscle.net)

(Insanely edited by the creator of the site. Original content is saved on my Google Drive.)

Needle felted pigs

Pig Out With Felt! (LiaGriffith.com)

Want to be a successful writer? Write what you need to write

This is the starting point for all budding writers...

10 ways to make your health a habit

Add one (or more) of these to your routine

The Millennial Entrepreneur's guide to the law of vital few

Hack your work in order to live your life

How to work for yourself as a freelancer

Say hello to the worst boss you'll ever have...you.

This is why you need all macronutrients

The real story behind carbs, fats, and protein

from 9-to-5 to feelin' alive!

How to quit your job, travel the world, and get a ripped physique in the process