why i'm different



I am a big fan of everything active. Sports, exercise, movement, even walking...I'm addicted to it all. Passion to some is not a big deal when it comes to their place in life, but to me and my writing, passion is everything. If I'm not passionate about what I'm writing about, it shows. You look at my Medium blog and you see a ton of different material, but each niche has one factor in common: I am enamored about all of them. Habits, lifestyle, fitness, health, sports, travel are my top loves in life, and if you have a business centered around one or more of those topics, then it would be worth it to contact me.

Your business is a sports e-magazine? Sell sports apparel or gym equipment? Have a website about being vegan, exercising, or developing habits? I am automatically in love with what you're doing, and I want to help. I want to give my passion to your business so your bottom line rises and your engagement goes through the roof.


Success can only be achieved by consistent action. I believe wholeheartedly in this mantra. No matter what your purpose is, you'll never be great at what you do unless you do it on a daily basis. I write every day; it doesn't matter if it's for my Medium blog, my short stories, sports reporting, or for a client, I write. I bust out thousands of words before I break my fast. Hours go by without me realizing it when I'm locked in on the page.

Whether you need a constant social media presence or five blog posts a week, I have the determination to get writing as quickly as possible in the day. By the time you wake up, quality content will be in your inbox, ready for publishing. Every. Single. Time.


In today's society, apparently it's okay to ghost someone. You hire a freelance writer, give them a chance to provide you with good content and keep in touch to have a strategic game plan. And then...they never respond. They go silent. You can't get a hold of them. 

I'm different because I understand how important and vital communication is for a business. (Especially in the age of the Internet, where contact is a text away.) As long as I have decent WiFi and I'm not sleeping, expect a rapid-fast response for anything you need. Want a quick Instagram post about something that just happened in the sports universe? Give me 30 minutes and I'll crank out a quality post. Want to set up a meeting to discuss blog post strategy for the week? Let me grab a coffee then let's attack it. 

I think communication and being on the same page is pivotal for a business to stay on-brand, which is directly correlated to your profit from loyal customers. So I pride myself in communication. Want proof? Head over to "Contact Me" and send me an email; watch as I reply with lightning speed.


As a business owner online, you need a ton of value out of every investment you make. As a fan of fitness, sports, nutrition, and everything in between, I am satisfied with writing about what I love. That's why, unlike most freelance writers, I am willing to meet you more than halfway. I realize this isn't your only expense, and it's one you don't want breaking the bank. And I don't blame you.

So, in exchange for being part of your team - which to me is a fantastic opportunity in and of itself - I offer extremely affordable rates for the best content available. I trust you, and I hope you trust me back. If we can build a relationship on trust and quality and massive return on investment, then what we have is a win-win scenario. And I like to win. Don't you?

I care about your business, even if I've never even heard of it before you contacting me. Why? Because if my writing, my reputation gets put on your site, I want nothing but for your site to flourish and succeed. Plus you most likely run a sports or fitness or nutrition business, which to me is awesome. I'm so glad you're doing that for the world!

I want what's best for the team. Together, we can make things happen.